The first night (late Sept 2014):

At around 11pm, in late September of 2014, my daughter (who was 17 at the time) who lived with me, was standing outside with her friend, our neighbour’s daughter, and they both watched several balls of light moving erratically, making strange formations, changing speed, direction, and colours, low in the sky near our home. Some then shot off at a high rate of speed and others ‘blinked out’. She told me about this the next day as I was asleep at the time, and she didn’t want to wake me.

That following night, I was working from home very late into the night, I was a self-employed web-designer at the time, and once I had finished my work at around 4am was looking forward to going to bed. First though, I stepped into my back garden to smoke, and as I sat on a garden chair noticing how clear and cloudless the night sky was (and cold), the starry night sky lit up with a brilliant white double flash of light. Of course, my initial reaction was simply that it must be lightning, but as there were no clouds or humidity, I thought it was odd. But then it happened again, another double flash of pure white light, and as I looked directly up above me, two spheres of white light travelling side by side appeared, seemingly no more than one hundred feet or so above me were headed from behind my seated position (heading west) at a medium rate of speed. They then flashed again and made a right angle turn to my left (due south) and suddenly shot off unbelievably fast, like a bullet from a gun over my roof-top which left what appeared like visible trace lines.

I immediately ran through the house to the front door looking around the sky for them but saw nothing. I hung around for a few more minutes (which is when I noted the time, around 04:10) and assumed that they must have been what my daughter had seen the night before and I couldn’t wait to tell her that I’d seen them too, whatever they were. It was really amazing and bizarre. So, finally I decided it really was time for bed and headed inside.

This is where it got beyond weird. As I stepped inside, closed, and locked the front door, and began to put my foot on the stairs and hand on the banister to head up I was stopped in my tracks by what I can only describe as a ‘telepathic instruction’.

It was an instantaneous, powerfully crystal clear, stunning moment (words cannot describe this easily at all). It was not a voice, not in words, but instead a pure packet of information. A communication that my mind instantly recognised as not emanating from within myself, and this of course shocked me deeply as I’ve never had that happen either before or ever since. It did not come from within me in other words, and I knew it straight away. It was ‘unravelled’ as, or translated into, very clearly “don’t close the door, go outside, and look up”, and so I did…

And as I did so, the most beautiful golden object moved out from over the roof of the house and stopped above me just slightly off to my right, at I estimate 4 or 5 stories up. The object was roughly 30 or 40 feet across, as big as a bus. It had extruding shards of vertical light both above and below it, in the centre, which gave it almost a horizontal diamond, or spinning top shape. Its outside edges were fiery, like a moving plasma engulfed it, with the edging more of a ‘fiery’ golden colour beyond that which moved as if the air around it was literally on fire, but I felt no heat, and you could tell that it was encompassing a solid object underneath.

It was so super bright that it should of burnt my eyes, tantamount to looking directly at the sun in terms of brightness, but yet it was somehow gentle to look at. The luminescence was odd, and I knew that I’d never seen that type of light before. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful, the word awesome, or any words for that matter do not do any of it any justice at all, they really don’t.

At the very moment of stepping outside and seeing this, an awful lot happened at once.

The air was electrified with static, it was thick, like being bathed in it, every hair on my body from top to toe was on end, I remember specifically looking down at my left arm as the tingling up and down my spine and across my scalp, along with the hairs standing on end were overpowering, but it felt kind of nice.

At the exact same time, I was filled with not only the sense of absolute awe, but also, strangely, a feeling of ‘love’. So much so, that my eyes watered a little with a happy tear, the kind I’ve only ever experienced before at the birth of my children. But above all else, was that feeling of being intimately, observed, watched, which was so extremely overwhelming that it felt like an absolute ‘connectedness’, and made me feel as if from the moment it instructed me to go outside, it was somehow still connected to my mind and thoughts, to my very being. I felt it clearly. I understand that that is a subjective perspective, but it really was as real as what I was physically seeing and feeling.

Needless to say, I was dumbfounded! Staring up at it, utterly speechless, shocked, and amazed. The object was completely silent, and likewise everything else around me had fallen deathly silent too, you could hear a pin drop, it was so, unique. As I stood there, after a few moments, I began to realize that I had no idea what I should do or say, I didn’t know what would happen next, what now? so stupidly, and I laugh to myself till this day about this, all I could think to do was to wave and I mouthed the word “hi” and smiled. I didn’t know what else to do!

After a few moments, being observed in such intimate and utter silence began to feel a little awkward, and my thoughts suddenly realised oh my goodness, no one is ever going to believe this. I also momentarily considered that maybe this could be dangerous somehow, and what if no one knows what’s happened to me if something bad does happen, I needed someone else to see this too. I considered in a flash a few options, as I looked and saw the front door was still half open maybe I should try to run into the house and quickly wake everyone up to come see it too, that wouldn’t work I thought, so then maybe I should shout out loudly into the house, but no, then I thought what about our neighbours, I looked around and saw no lights on, of course no noise, just stillness and silence, and none of these options felt appropriate. I felt as if what I was thinking to do were completely unacceptably wrong. I then remembered that I had my phone in my top left coat pocket, and that I should maybe try to take a photo or video, but at the very second that I thought this, I could swear that it knew what I was thinking in real time and at that precise moment, it began to move to my left (due East), I felt that I had ‘F****d up’, and that it was my fault that it was now leaving.

I began walking under it as it began speeding up, I began to jog along the short pathway here, and then had to quickly start running to keep up as I said out loud “no, no, don’t go”. It curved to my right and began rising higher and higher, speeding up faster and faster up into the sky. I ran into a dead end due to the terraced houses there ahead of me and knew it was too late and it was not coming back down, it was clearly leaving. I watched it zip up until out of sight and gone.

I know the time was around 04:40-45hrs and so the whole thing lasted from beginning to end around 30 minutes or so. I stayed up pacing the house, knowing that my girlfriend would be waking up at 6am to go to work. I was an emotional and nervous wreck. I was so scared to try to say what had happened because I didn’t think anyone would believe me, I mean, it was so incredibly unbelievable even to me and yet I knew it was real, and that’s what made it so difficult. I couldn’t process it. I didn’t know what the hell had just happened, what was it, why, how, all those questions which I still have to this day.

The telepathy part of this makes it all the more unbelievable, I thought even my daughter or girlfriend would think I was nuts...When my girlfriend came into the kitchen to make coffee and saw me in shock I broke down and cried, literally stumbling for the words to even begin. It was horrible. Thank goodness she hugged me and believed me. Little did she know that she would be about to experience something similar with me a few days later. I eventually tried to sleep, by that point the sun had come up and I remember laying in bed with my mind blown, I spent hours feeling ecstatic, it was an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The next night:

The following night I purposefully stayed awake all night watching and hoping it would return, and to my excitement, it did. It returned at roughly the same time as before, around 04:15-20hrs. This time however, I watched it come into sight whilst I stood at the front door of my home as it moved slowly, roughly 50 meters over the rooftops of houses about 150 to 200 meters away to my right (west), heading in a southerly direction. It then turned abruptly to mine, and its left, heading east now along rooftops, I called my girlfriend on my phone trying to wake her up a few times, once more completely mesmerised. She groggily half asleep finally answered but didn’t want to get up! and so, not wanting to miss it I ran inside the house, up the stairs to get her up, but by the time I’d gotten back down the stairs, it was already too late, it was heading up to the same point in the eastern sky moving higher and faster until out of eventually within a few seconds out of sight. I remember thinking, my god, all of these people are asleep in their beds, in those homes, and no one is aware of what’s literally over their heads just meters above them.

The third night:

On this third night, this time, I insisted that my girlfriend got up super early to stay with me in case it came back. There was no way that I wanted to be alone again, it was incredibly important to me that she saw it too, selfishly, to prove to myself and her that I hadn’t gone completely insane to be honest. It felt a bit nightmarish at the time (and still does), that I’d had something so dramatic happen to me, but couldn’t prove it, let alone to anyone else, because it all sounds so nuts, and it’s that, all by itself, that is the single most difficult thing to deal with, even beyond the events itself, and still is seven years later. So, let’s just say that I gave her no choice in the matter, she was getting up this time and staying with me!

I was going from the back garden to the front of the house, in and out watching the skies anxiously waiting and hoping, my girlfriend making coffee. I don’t remember the exact time, but I do remember that it was significantly past the time that it had previously passed by. I remember getting worried that it was getting too late and light, as the dawn was breaking, and the skies had turned lighter, I began to panic, thinking its game over. Then, finally, I saw it arrive from the back garden, this time coming in from the opposite direction than the night before (our eastern side) but moving in again from the same north to south heading. It came down diagonally this time, from up higher than previously, and just stopped when it reached the same distance from rooftops as before. It was a little farther away from us than the night before too, maybe 300 meters? I shouted out to my girlfriend Hannah and told her to come here quick, I picked her up to see it over the fence line (she’s only 5’2’’), she saw it, and my goodness, what a relief that was, as she too said “Ah wow!” it was brilliant, and super bright, fiery, just as before. Within maybe three seconds of being completely stationary, we watched it ‘zip line’ diagonally upwards, increasing in speed up into the eastern high sky, we lost sight of it over the rooftop, so ran through to the front of the house to see it disappear into the highest distance until gone. I was thrilled and relieved, vindicated at last.

The red ball of light in high winds:

Following that third night, I never saw that object again, not until I found it on several videos of one single event online. Anyhow, several days past since the third night. We were experiencing some very bad weather with extremely strong winds. One of these nights, as I was driving down the road, maybe half a mile away, I glanced over to my left as I approached a round-a-bout and noticed immediately a bright red ball of light sitting completely stationary against the wind directly above high tension power lines that I knew were there. After a double take, I pulled the car over and jumped out. I looked at it for several seconds, and then decided to this time grab my camera which was in my jacket pocket on the passenger seat, so I came around the front of the car to open that door so as to keep my eye on it. I quickly reached in and grabbed the jacket and as I was fumbling to get the phone out of the pocket, still with my eyes focused on the red sphere, it literally ‘blinked out’ disappeared. I was too late…I waited for a few minutes but nothing else became visible. Eventually I left. It must have been easily 6ft across, as bright red as can be. Difficult to tell if it was a solid object as it was so bright, I do not remember however noticing whether or not it illuminated nearby structures unfortunately. But being that it was over a rail track behind a car dealership (which was closed) I wouldn’t have been able to see any reflective illumination of other objects from my viewing position. On the other side of those tracks are the back side of a large shopping precinct area made up of stores such as H&M and Next, which were also closed at that time of night.

The heavy footsteps:

Sometime had now past again since seeing the ball of red light over the nearby power lines. I cannot remember how much time now I’m afraid. I wish I had of kept a diary or something. So, one night, again before bed, myself and my girlfriend went out into the garden to smoke. We sat on two garden chairs rested up against the exterior of the living room wall, facing the rear fence line. Behind the rear fence of our garden is a tree line which runs parallel left to right to a 40 mile per hour road (Bretton way). Everything was perfectly normal until all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a sudden and complete silence fell over us with a feeling of dread and an unnaturally claustrophobic feeling of being watched. The hairs on the back of our neck stood on end instantly, but how could this be? I thought, what’s going on? These were the same feelings that I had felt under the object, but this time instead of good, this felt bad, extremely ominous, and quite frankly damned scary. My girlfriend Hannah felt it at the same time and turned to me and said “babe” worryingly, and at that moment, what can only be described as overly loud, unnaturally super heavy booming footsteps slammed the ground from behind the fence line from both the left and the right at the same time, heading towards the gaps where we can see straight through quite clearly. Another footstep closer, then another, at this point whatever was approaching us should be visible, and yet, there was nothing there! It was frightening. As if intentionally so. She got up and ran inside of the house saying “I’m sorry babe, I can’t” as she left. Me, I sat frozen (quite honestly with fear) stuck to my chair but becoming rapidly angry at the threatening nature of what was happening. I shouted through my gritted teeth “come on!”. And with one last footstep on both sides, I sat absolutely still, not taking my eyes off of the fence line not even to blink with chills running up my spine. Silence. and after a few more seconds, the feelings, as quickly as they had arrived, suddenly lifted. Normal background sounds returned, and the fear dissipated instantly. I waited a few moments before walking over to the fence and looking over…and nothing was there. Nothing at all. What the hell was going on? To this day that makes no sense. What was that? and why?

The cylinder UFO at the woods:

One day in mid-to-late March of 2015, a full 5 or 6 months after the original encounter my teenage son (Korben) left his mother’s house (my former partner) and moved in with me and my girlfriend (Hannah) who had just given birth to our youngest son named Blake on the 17th of March 2015 (that helps me place the date).

Behind our home at 67 Brynmore, Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8JG, only a couple of hundred meters away if that, there are fields and patches of woodland owned by the Milton estate, next to a crematorium which leads to a very small village called Marholm. I used to regularly take walks in those woods and at the time I had started a YouTube channel where I recorded the sounds of nature from those woods among other places to upload to YouTube.

On this one particular bright yet chilly day, at around 1300hrs, I asked Korben to come for a walk with me through the woods to relax and chat.

And so, we went across the farmers field and around to the back of the woods to my usual spot where you can enter the woodline. But as we were just 3 or 4 meters away from entering, that non mistakable dreaded and claustrophobic feeling and eery ultra-silence suddenly fell exactly like before. It was the middle of the day for crying out loud! But it hit me hard out of the blue. My son Korben, who was to my left, had also stopped dead in his tracks and asked me “Dad, do you feel that?”, “yes, do you feel it too?” I asked, “yes” he replied, which then seriously worried me and yet also confirmed that the feeling was shared. Which meant only one thing.

As I recognised those things as warnings from previous recent events, I suddenly became aware of the other sign, that overwhelming feeling of being watched, and this time, like in the garden, the feeling was again one of danger. I looked around scanning inside of the woods wondering what it was that could be of danger to us, and then that sense of being watched, as stranger still as this may sound, had a distinct direction to it. It was coming from up above over my right shoulder in the sky! I looked up and caught a glimpse of something very dark and large that darted behind the only huge puffy white cloud in the whole entire sky. I stared up at that cloud for what felt like many minutes waiting for a plane or balloon or something to exit the other side, all sides of the cloud were visible, but nothing came out. I asked my son “Korben, did you see that?” he said (literally word for word, I remember it that clearly) “Yeah, did you see it too?” I asked without answering his question “what did you see?” He said “it was like, a big black um, what do you call it, a can shape, like a cylinder thing, it went behind that cloud…”

I felt that we were in imminent danger if we stayed any longer, and so I grabbed his hand and immediately we made our way out of there as fast as we could go. Although that place is close to homes and a road, it is isolated. From that particular location where we were standing, it is not possible to be seen from the road as it is obscured by high thick hedges and the houses are completely out of sight. That experience concerned me to say the least and leads to many questions. Where does that feeling come from? Is it emanating from within us as human beings as a recognition of danger? But if so, what exactly sets it off and how? Or is it being projected upon us intentionally, as some kind of test, or even a prank? If so, then why? What could possibly of been in those woods that I should be avoiding? What the hell was that dark cylindrical object that seemingly hid behind the cloud? And again, why? Where was it from? And what did it want? None of it makes any sense.

The shadow figure in the house:

That same night, my son had gone out to stay at his friend’s house overnight. The following bright sunshiny but cold day, I was alone with my new-born son Blake in the living room of our house. My baby Blake had been sleeping on the sofa. He woke up crying, so I went over to him and picked him up to comfort him, and as I did so, I noticed out of the corner of my eye something dark in the brightly lit room move which caught my attention over to my right. I looked over and saw the figure of a small person clearly, about the height of a 6 year old child (3.5foot tall), stood directly in the doorway between our living room and the kitchen. As I stared directly at it, it zoomed across the room fast and out of the back door directly opposite. But this figure, for want of a better description, was occupying a three dimensional space, yet was a slightly translucent dark shadow. It was not a projected shadow moving along the wall or trick of the light, it was an actual person. It moved as if glided, no bobbing up and down and I did not notice any leg movement as it moved. It literally made my heart skip a beat, pounding in my chest and made me jump out of my skin as I yelled out in fright. It scared me half to death!

The next day, when my teenage son came home as I was upstairs busy, I hadn’t told him about what I had seen yet, he yelled out to me and came running up the stairs. He was frantic and breathlessly scared saying “dad, dad, I was just in the living room mirror doing my hair, and this thing just ran across the living room behind me in the mirror!” he described the exact same thing that I had seen. I then told him what had happened the day before. He began to stay out a lot after that, he was convinced that the house was haunted, and sadly his friend later died not long after that period of time at only age 13. My son Korben became convinced that he had been seeing ghosts. I think it had something to do with the UFO personally. But who knows? He later moved away from home and unfortunately, we haven’t spoken in quite some time.

The daylight sphere object summer 2017:

By 2016 after my business failed, I switched careers entirely and went into the construction sector for 3 and a half years. I hated it, and am now studying towards a bachelors degree full time whilst beginning to work part time in the hope of re-entering the investment sales arena where I previously worked for many years. So, in the summer of 2017, whilst on a construction site in Peterborough next to the main power station, on an exceptionally hot afternoon, I noticed a dark metallic looking ball hanging low in the sky, about 60 feet up. It was spherical in shape, and although I parked near to a loud piling rig machine, I could not make out any noise in the moments of quiet and could see that it did not appear to be a balloon or a drone. At times, the object was completely stationary, but occasionally it would move off to one direction and stop again. I began to record a video of it on my phone whilst being acutely aware that I could be called to work at any moment, and all the while knowing that the kind of people I worked with wouldn’t be interested, and so I continued to film as long as possible without raising any attention to it. I recorded the object for roughly 20+ minutes until eventually watching it leave over the tree line and out of sight (zoomed in screenshot attached, I can supply a link to the video if you like).

The 2018 amber balls of light:

In 2018, either close to or just after the summertime I think, because I remember it was nice and warm that night as I had my windows wide open. I was driving a vehicle back towards Peterborough from the Wisbech direction along the A47 coming up towards the Thorney exit, which is a 70mph stretch of dual carriageway, which has a very limited number of hard shoulder spots to pull into. It was night-time. As I was driving along minding my own business, I glanced to my right around 45/60 degrees and happened to notice what I initially thought was a small plane in trouble, as it was dropping way too close to the ground at a fair distance of around 500 meters away, over flat fields in the direction of the Thorney golf centre. I then watched it and noticed quickly that the three non-blinking steady fixed lights were not seemingly attached to anything, and there were no other coloured or blinking aircraft lights around them in any way. They were in a horizontal formation heading directly across the field coming my way. They became so close that by now I could clearly recognise that they were similar to the red ball of light I had seen before, but three of them together, and as I listened carefully, I heard no noise. Nothing holding them together, not Chinese lanterns, not drones, simply balls of amber light. I desperately wanted to pull over and was adamant I would if I could, so as to this time take a video or photo, but as I looked for a place to stop the vehicle there was none. The objects passed directly overhead extremely close to my vehicle, only within a few meters above me. They were as big as a beach ball if not then slightly larger, and perfectly silent. They quickly went over the hedge line, which behind that is the Wisbech road, and out of sight towards the direction of Whittlesey roughly. They must have been travelling at approximately 30 to 40 miles an hour I would guestimate, in order for them to of covered the distance they did, in the time they did, to perfectly intercept with me. I don’t know what to make of that, I really don’t. Why would I be seeing these things over and over like this spanning a couple of years? Right place, right time? But multiple times? surely not. Paying attention to the sky more? Or something else, again, I just don’t get it.

The local man who witnessed the balls of light over Bretton park (2019):

One night in November 2019 my daughter who now lives with her boyfriend and is a mother of four herself, messaged me to let me know that a local man named Martin Fitzgerald had posted into a Facebook group chat called the ‘Bretton Community’, that he had had a bizarre encounter whilst walking his dog nearby late at night. His post described that he had watched two balls of light dancing around, with a third joining in, until they eventually all shot off straight upwards into the sky. I asked my daughter to contact the man on my behalf, as I do not use Facebook myself personally, so as to offer him my mobile telephone number and request for him to contact me to discuss what he had seen. Unfortunately, he never responded. (I’ve attached a screenshot of this man’s post, which luckily, I had saved and found still on my phone). I am going to attempt to contact this man again as I have a number of questions for him.

Kind Regards,


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March 19-20, 2022 Update:

So, 12 nights ago, Mon 7th March at 04:35am I went to my window, looked up to see this sitting completely still, then it started moving, so I grabbed my phone and hit record as it slowly moved away. Tonight, we recorded more... Not very impressive on video at night though and much more impressive to the eye.

2022-03-20 00-30-30.mp4

I called the police today to enquire whether the helicopter that sat over our house at 3am was theirs. It sat literally over our house at first so loud it woke my girlfriend up. It circled the exact area in the sky for 20 minutes where earlier those lights were. Before it circled the area out there. Never had that in 8 years of living here.

The police operator asked her supervisor and came back to me saying that she doesn't suspect it was a police helicopter and but that even if it was she wouldn't be able to confirm nor deny it. She advised calling them if we see anything else strange in the sky.