Facts Only

The Facts:

Unidentified anomalous objects or phenomenon have been reported and recorded by humans for centuries.

Understanding aerial bodies, space, and phenomenon continues to be an obstacle for humanity. Scientists are still presenting hypotheses related to the galaxy, deep space, black holes, dark matter, weather phenomenon, ball lightning, and more.

Humans still do not fully understand the human brain, DNA, human history, or the earth's oceans. We still continue to identify new species on the planet.

Many ancient civilizations were interested in the stars and created astrological charts. Some charted the stars to create calendars or to navigate.

Many religions on earth are related to the sky or the stars or "heaven." Some are also related to UFOs.

There have been numerous names for UFOs.

The U.S. government has organized multiple studies and programs to related to unidentified aerial objects, including: Project Grudge, Project Sign, Project Blue Book, The Colorado Project, the CIA Science Panel, AAWSAP, and AATIP. So have most of the world's governments.

Many official documents related to UFOs have been released by: The FBI, USAF, Navy, DoD, Army, CIA, DIA, and more. Many other documents have been released internationally.

Unidentified objects have been reported by civilians of all races, ages, occupations, nationalities, and social statuses. They have been seen in space, detected by satellites, tracked by radar, photographed, and filmed. They have also been seen underwater, near water, or coming from water.

Unidentified aerial objects are often reported to be of varying shapes and sizes, including: orbs, spheres, triangles or deltas, diamonds, cylinders/cigars/tictacs, oval, saucer or disc, rockets, and/or cubes. They are also sometimes reported to change shapes.

Despite numerous reports, a large portion of sightings can ultimately be explained or identified. Project Blue Book ended with 701 sightings that remain unidentified. MUFON investigators are trained to rule-out other possible explanations (including man-made objects and known weather phenomenon).

FOIA documents have indicated that the United States has been communicating with other countries about UFOs for decades. They have also investigated the programs that other countries had in place.

Though there are reports of people, aliens, or humanoids exiting UFOs in the FOIAs, there has been no clear evidence of occupants provided to the public.

Many documents related to UFOs remain secret or classified. Trump once said he would consider declassifying more about Roswell. He did not.

The explanation for Roswell has changed multiple times over the decades. Numerous witnesses have come forward about the alleged crash(es) that occurred in New Mexico.

President Obama, the Director of National Intelligence, Director of NASA, and many others have come forward to say that unidentified aerial objects with no known explanation have been detected.

Multiple scientists have been involved in studying alleged UFO debris. They have made statements that the materials involved have unusual isotopic qualities and would be potentially highly expensive to make in the combinations identified.

Thousands of civilians have reported experiences with non-human beings. Some of these experiences have not been connected to UFOs. Many people have reported being abducted or being taken onboard a craft. Some have claimed to have been implanted with foreign objects.

Man-made aircraft continues to require lift, propulsion systems and/or thrust, and all of the same factors for flight that they have since the beginning of human aviation.

Many people have admitted to hoaxing UFOs via models or CGI. Some have profited from their hoaxes. Others have created cults related to UFOs and extraterrestrials. Some cults have resulted in mass deaths.

The UFO topic has been a source of stigma for many. Some have lost their jobs due to an interest in or belief of UFOs. Some have sued in response.

Some members of the military have been ordered to keep quiet about their UFO experiences.

Civilians have reported being threatened to keep quiet about their UFO experiences.

The USAF wanted to reduce or stop the frequency of UFOs being reported to them by civilians and encouraged stigmatization of the topic. Per the FOIAs and the reports made by their studies, this was due to a need to keep communications open about foreign and known threats. They did not want communications to be bogged down by UFO reports.

FOIAs state UFOs were not considered a national threat in more than one assessment. They also demonstrated a concern about mass hysteria.

The media amplified stigmatization by using terms like "tin-foil hats" and "little green men." Reporters also often giggled when presenting information on the topic. One Governor in Arizona also approached his constituents with an alien costume during a press briefing about the Phoenix Lights.

The human brain experiences hallucinations, emotional responses, and more when exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

The U.S. military employs private companies and contractors and their projects are beyond the reach of FOIA requests.

Many documents are unavailable to the public simply because they have not been digitized. Many documents were put on microfilm and may have eroded with time. Many documents have been allegedly lost.

The U.S. has secret projects that are kept secret for the sake of national security. Many of these are revealed decades later (including experimental aircraft).

In 2021, The U.S. government signed a new UFO office (AOIMSG) into law. This was done after members of Congress were provided a confidential report in June of 2021 regarding the numerous "UAPs" witnessed by the military. Reporting was once again encouraged among members of the military. In 2022, the office was given a budget. A report was scheduled to be provided by this office to the public in October. Foreign allies are expected to be contacted and U.S. intelligence agencies have been working to rectify issues regarding UFO reports and communications. In the meantime, other countries (including Brazil and Australia) are starting to have more conversations regarding the phenomenon. Other countries continue to be more transparent on the issue.

The House of Representatives held a congressional hearing regarding UAPs on May 17th, 2022. They questioned Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray and Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie.

The office assigned by the NDAA (formerly known as AOIMSG) was renamed the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

Also in 2022: France's GEIPAN had a major conference addressing issues related to UAPs and David Marler began gathering documents for a major National UFO Archive.

The 2022 rendition of the NDAA continued to address the issue of UAPs. It also addressed protections for whistleblowers.

The report expected to be provided to the public in an unclassified form on October 31, 2022 was delayed considerably.

The 2022 ODNI UAP Report was released in January of 2023. It continued to state that a large number objects have been reported that remain unidentified.