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 Exploring Electrical Malfunctions Associated with UFO/UAP Sightings and Encounters 

Proposed UAP Mechanisms by Ganga Today

Most people probably don't (yet) have a good grasp of mechanisms surrounding a UAP. So I've decided to throw in my two cents...

Allegedly, below a certain height, the ship's field begins to interact with the Earths surface. So it loses stability. Some "ET" vehicles seem to use "thrusters" to push up to just above treetop level.

At that distance, they stabilize the field. 

Loud roaring noises are the thrusters that push a weightless UAP/UFO up to a certain height. 

It's counterintuitive, but inside the "Phasing Field" of a UFO, anything inside is weightless. A UFO can turn on all axis freely. (You've probably seen it) 

Inside the isolation of a UAP's "phasing field", it can turn weightlessly on its YAW, PITCH & ROLL. Without ever moving across the sky. The exception is when it gets too close to the ground. 

It becomes unstable as the field geometries "become complex." 

"I think" [unsure]...when the UAP lands, it gently throws itself with inertia towards the ground. But when it departs, it uses a temporary thruster to push itself up to a certain height. 

Once it's high enough (about tree top) it turns off the thruster & it will depend on the "Phasing Field" isolation to keep it from falling back to the ground.

Trivia: The "Phasing field" is less like a uniform bubble & is more like the layers of an onion. Many concurrent fields overlap one another in shells/layers. 

The "Phasing Field" is not perfect isolation. Some of the outside atmosphere (energetic & particle) interactions with the periphery of the bubble become trapped in the field.

So the Phasing Field acts as a heatsink, trapping heat, radiation light, & sound. 

Over time, this trapped potential raises the temperature of the UFO's outer skin. Like an oven full of sound, light, & radiation. To keep the UFO from melting, the UAP occupants open the field and discharge it. 

Doing so empties out the UAP's field & it can continue to its next destination. Usually, they do it at sea or somewhere in the boonies.

Knowing all this, you can imagine, that you'll find hot burn marks visible in the surroundings and trace radiation if it's near a witness. 

During "ET" operations, the "ET's" will sometimes opt to use external probes around the UAP. Those are the orbs you guys see. (various sizes and capabilities)

They can act as the eyes of the UAP or as surveillance cameras. These can also "phase" and have their own field. 

As you might imagine, if you deploy those drones for too long in their invisible state, they will get bright and hot without discharging their small phasing field.

Another property of these (& the UAP) is the time differentials due to the phasing field they employ. 

Light can blue or red shift depending on the severity of the difference in time frames from inside and outside the field.

You'll see the visible color spectrum of the UAP (assuming it's visible) shift in its color bands. 

Proposed Nuts and Bolts from a UFOTwitter Talk Space:

On EM waves: low frequency means longer antennae.  Higher frequency means shorter antennae.  

Produce enough energy or redirect enough and you can create a wormhole. 

G Forces may not be an issue if an object is non-carbon-based.  If space-time is bent, G forces are no longer an issue.  

Bubble theory- if UAPs are in a bubble, they may have a time dilation effect which can cause them to pop in and out. 

Potential by-products: gamma (orange) waves and infrared waves.  If they have ionic skin, they may be protected from gamma.  See ionic thrusters.  They may also have a plasma field or shield.  

Negative energy- burns mass and burns gravity. We have created negative energy in mathematical constructs.  This may explain physical properties or UAP changes. 

Possible fuel: water, atoms, ether

Possible drive- warp

Perception issues may be due in part to our inability to see the 4th dimension.  The atmosphere can and UAPs popping in and out could be an issue as well.